Igor Cornelsen has the experience to help you grow!

Whether you're investing in commodities or foreign exchange, you need to find an expert investment firm to provide you with opportunity. That's what Igor Cornelsen has found with Bainbridge Group Inc. This is his chosen investment firm, for all of his major moves in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker whose work experience of managing stock exchange funds since 1971 has brought great business ideas. To update his fund’s portfolio, he follows international news, reads about the economy of companies and listening to views from colleagues and friends. He develops his business ideas by following improving economies and investing in them later selling the assets to deteriorating countries due to political instabilities and economic problems. He focuses on introducing a new trend in the market that will improve country's financial status and discourages ideology biasness among investors. He prefers sourcing information from Reuters because they are unbiased and saves a lot of time used in analyzing investors and economic.

He advises managers on safer ways of sourcing information; he encourages a lot reading rather than listening to opinions of other marketers. He believes in facts but not in views from individuals and discourages managers to be influenced because they are the decision makers. Also, he suggests that managers should learn to evaluate financial details, their effect on the markets, and advocate of them seeing the globe as a whole instead of dividing into small pieces. His strategy of making his businesses grow is making the first move to sell assets.

Igor Cornelsen graduated with a bachelor in Economics in 1970 after dropping Engineering in the Federal University of Parana, Brazil and due to his ability to calculate compound interest rates with no technology of calculators, he got employed at an investment bank. His hard work later landed him at Rio as an investment worker. In 1974, he gained a promotion to the board of directors in Multibanco and 1976, he climbed the ladder and became the CEO. In 1978, Bank of America acquired Multibanco, and this left Comelsen to look for available opportunities. Moving to Unibanco became his first choice to work with the leading investment firm in Brazil. After some years he got employed at Libra Bank PLC, a merchant bank in London. Later, he moved to Standard Chartered Bank as a member board of directors and a representative in Brazil. After seven years he founded an investment firm which offers similar services to Merchant Bank.